Where can I afford to live? BBC interactive tool shows Manchester to be on top!

Where can I afford to live?
Where can I afford to live?

A new tool from the BBC provides interesting insight into where we can all afford to live in the UK.

With the ever increasing price of housing, for many renting is more affordable than buying.

In the example above I have set the figures for a two bedroom property to rent with a budget of £550 a month. You can clearly see how pretty much all of the South is simply not affordable.

This really reconfirms to me how the North of England and in particularly the Manchester area provides excellent quality of life for many of us. By living near Manchester we have all the benefits of a vibrant city centre, we have amazing sporting events and attractions plus glorious countryside to enjoy; all for a snip of the price of London!

Use this tool to compare different areas in the UK in your price range to see where you could or couldn’t live. 

You can access the tool here


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