Could inventory legislation changes make the process mandatory?

Property inventories are a life line for any respectable landlord, agent and tenant. They provide evidence and cover for a state of a property before a tenancy begins to ensure everything is thoroughly documented. Despite this, some choose not to conduct property inventories, which an independent board wants to change.

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks has been campaigning for two years to make photographic property inventories mandatory. If you’re a landlord on top of your game, or use an agent like Abode, then this isn’t really anything to worry about.

The association has stated not only would greater security be provided for all parties, but it would also ensure a sustained high quality of inventories.

In a statement, Danny Zane, Chairman of AIIC stated: “Wider adoption of independent inventories will contribute towards fewer deposit disputes, while these documents remain invaluable in the event that a disagreement between landlord and tenant is referred to a deposit protection scheme.”

The happy ending for each tenancy of course is where there are no disputes regarding the deposit, as they should have left the property in the exact way they took it on, or left it in an even better condition. 

Whilst there are independent businesses tailored just to creating photographic property inventories, Abode are able to offer this to all our landlords utilising our tenant sourcing package or above. Our inventories include hundreds of detailed, high quality photos that are able to pick out even the slightest of marks or scratches, so you can rest assured you’ll be fully covered in the event of a deposit dispute.

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