What are Greater Manchester tenants looking for in rental properties?


The ongoing pandemic and the resulting lockdowns have forced the way tenants in Manchester to adapt. With new requirements and wishes from prospective tenants, capitalising on respectable wishes are certain to help your rental property stand out should it find itself back on the rental market.

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly shaken up how we as a managing agent operate, as well as the discussions we’ve had from current tenants and prospective, interested parties alike. The rising costs of living, unemployment, or the furlough scheme, have continued to be some of the largest concerns tenants have had over recent months.

Some of the biggest desires for prospective tenants, however, are longer their number one concern. With many tenants across Greater Manchester having turned to remote working, proximity to their workplace is no longer a concern.

In a monthly tenant survey conducted by Vaboo, an overwhelming majority said that reliable and swift internet connection and speeds were a must – a notion boosted by the growth in remote working. In fact, the internet has become somewhat of a fourth utility during the pandemic  It may be worth your while, particularly if you’re looking to expand your portfolio, at investigating areas with some of the highest speeds. This will prove to be an attractive function for prospective tenants who are adapting to the remote working lifestyle.

Pet-friendly properties are also a big desire for prospective tenants at the moment, as well as a large subject in the changes made to Model Tenancy Agreement. With this tenancy agreement, landlords will now have to object in writing within 28 days of a tenant’s written pet request. Landlords must provide a good reason not to allow a tenant to have a pet in the property.

The number of animal adoptions throughout the past lockdowns has increased significantly, consequentially driving demand from tenants with pets. Allowing for pets, with contingencies in place, can open the possibility further for securing great tenants, particularly if they have well-behaved, trained animals.

Another consideration to take in a pandemic-shaped rental market is the outside space. Manchester tenants are now prioritising homes with gardens or balconies, and those in rural locations over those that are in cities or close to good transport links.

Having a sense of community is more important to prospective tenants than ever, in order to negate the feelings of isolation that this pandemic has brought about; particularly in single occupancy properties. Investing in areas with established, friendly communities is certain to grab a prospective tenant’s attention for all the right reasons, as well as making your property more desirable.

Prepared, insight-driven, and forward-thinking landlords will be ready and waiting to meet these needs head-on, and stand out with a responsive approach to lettings. If you are in need of a Manchester letting agent to advise and effectively manage your properties through this pandemic, whilst ensuring your tenants remain safe and happy, we’d be more than happy to help. Simply give us a call on 0161 883 2525.

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