Jay Puddy and Family Charity Fund Raiser

Jay Puddy and His Family with Alan Turin

Jay Puddy and family – Charlotte, Rex and Rocco’s fundraiser in aid of the amazing Multiple Sclerosis Society

Hey everyone, I’m Jay Puddy and I’m lacing up my sneakers for a fun roll, stroll, or power walk at the MS Walk 2024. Why? Because it’s time to kick MS to the curb!

A close buddy of mine has been watching his mum fight this tough battle with MS for years. It’s tough seeing someone you care about struggle with such a wild and unpredictable disease.

So, I figured, what better way to make a difference than by raising some cash for the cause? Plus, it’s a fantastic way to get our kids involved in doing some good in the world early on!

MS is this sneaky beast that messes with people’s nervous systems, and trust me, it plays by no rules.

It can come on fast or creep up slowly, throwing things like sight loss, fatigue, and mobility issues into the mix. The scariest part?

People with MS never really know when it’s going to strike next.

So, let’s band together and show MS who’s boss. Every step we take and every penny we raise brings us closer to a world free of MS. Let’s do this!

Jay Puddy and His Two Boys

Who is Jay?

Jay Puddy is based in Manchester, United Kingdom, where he brings his dedication and results-driven approach to both his personal and professional life. Grounded in family values such as kindness, happiness, and good behavior, Jay consistently applies these principles along with determination and strength of character across all his endeavors.

Professionally, Jay specializes in the refurbishment of Victorian properties within the Greater Manchester area.

His career is marked by a profound commitment to excellence and achieving tangible results through hard work and steadfast perseverance.

His skill set is not only technical but also creative, allowing him to restore historical properties to their former glory while ensuring they meet contemporary standards.

Jay’s interests outside work are as varied as they are enriching.

He is deeply committed to outdoor activities, enjoying everything from leisurely nature walks that reconnect him with the environment, to active participation in community events that focus on giving back and supporting others.

His love for reading and lifelong learning underpins his belief in the transformative power of knowledge, which he sees as essential for personal growth and development.

A passionate football enthusiast from a young age, Jay relishes both playing and watching the sport.

Football offers him not only entertainment but also the opportunity to engage in teamwork and community building.

Music is another vital part of his life, providing him with inspiration and relaxation. Whether attending vibrant live concerts or enjoying his favorite songs at home, music is a source of continual uplift and inspiration for Jay.

In summary, Jay Puddy is a person whose broad interests and solid values not only define his identity but also propel him to make significant contributions in both his professional projects and personal life. His efforts are driven by a desire to make a positive impact, enrich his community, and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Jay Puddy and His Family

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