Landlords in Manchester. Please remember the importance of referencing.

Calling all Landlords Manchester!!

We are delighted to work with Rentshield Direct for all our referencing requirements. We cannot stress the importance of referencing enough.

I have met landlords who have not referenced tenants and down the line problems with payments have arisen. It has turned out that these have not been desirable tenants who have a chequered history of problems.

With Rentshield, we are able to submit a referencing check on line and feel very confident that full process will be taken care of in a timely manner and to a high standard. We will then receive a full report advising us on the status of that potential tenant. Should we accept them? Perhaps they need a Guarantor?

I mention Guarantors because they should also be fully referenced, you want more than proof they have the funds, you want to know that people do not have any of their own payment problems.

There are two sides to referencing, to know that your tenant can pay the rent and to know that they will look after your property. Unfortunately now and again landlords Manchester will give glowing references to bad tenants in order to get them out of their own properties. We do not agree with this action one bit. We should all be helping each other to be protected from these rogue tenants, not passing them on to each other and breathing a sigh of relief!

Landlords Manchester - do not underestimate the importance of referencing
Landlords Manchester – do not underestimate the importance of referencing

Some landlords do there own referencing by calling the previous landlord, checking the tenants bank statements and calling their employers. I would not suggest doing this. Again you may have been given the names and numbers of people who are only going to say good things about your potential tenant. By using a third party referencing company you have made the process much more professional.

Landlords Manchester, do not fear. At Abode we will not give keys to a property until we have a fully completed reference and we have cleared funds in the account for the payment of the deposit and the first months rent.

So Landlords Manchester, give us a call today to discuss how we can find you a fantastic tenant for your property, a tenant that is fully referenced and will give you the peace of mind you require.

That’s our mission, to provide you with the ultimate property management experience, we will also make you more money, save you time and minimise your stress. That’s a promise, take a look here to see more.

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