Abode vs High Street Letting Agents: Why digital is the future for landlords

Over the last decade. high streets have seen a decline in lettings and estate agents with physical shopfronts; opting to move business online instead. Why is that good? Abode knows all too well having been at the forefront of the digital landscape from its initial founding back in 2011.

Business Insider reported a 2.2% footfall decline to high streets and their businesses over the last 10 years, with a continuously increasing amount of individuals opting to use digital platforms for their personal and shopping needs instead. There’s no doubting that the digital landscape is continuing to shape and define the future, but what does that mean for letting agents and for you, as a landlord?

Quicker letting / Minimal voids

You’ve invested thousands and thousands of pounds into your property; to have it standing empty with no occupant inside and a growing amount of voids is far from ideal for the original investment.

Take a stroll down the local high street taking a somewhat deliberate route past local letting agents. Is there a queue of hundreds of potential tenants through the door for a single property? Even in a bustling city centre you would struggle to observe such traffic, primarily as the shift of searching for properties now lies online. Potential tenants will now spot a property through online portals, with the ability to pick up the phone or drop an email in an instant.

Using an online letting agent like Abode means your property won’t be sat as an image in a window to be only glanced at by the occasional passerby. We utilise the online portals where your property will be seen by thousands of individuals on a daily basis, from which we can take hundreds of enquiries to source tenants to fill your properties.

Flexibility to let in multiple areas

No shop front means no ties to one town or area; we’re flexible with where we can manage our properties. As an online letting agent we cover the North West of England and Wales, meaning that we can accommodate larger and more location varied property portfolios. If you’ve invested in multiple properties across different areas of the country, this means as a landlord you aren’t having to split your properties across multiple letting agents, with different fee structures, strategies and systems in place.

Abode manages properties all over the North West of England and Wales, with no ties holding us down to a certain area.


Thorough Systems

Harnessing digital and online capabilities paves the way for a range of thorough systems, benefiting property management and the lives of a landlord immensely. With all processes being conducted through our digital platforms, it means that the technology can ensure nothing is missed. It eliminates the need for vast quantities of paperwork and keeps records safely stored and backed up, and also benefits staff with more efficient training methods.

Better service for your money

Landlord’s can rest assured that their property and tenants won’t just be looked after during business hours, but all hours of all days. Viewings can be arranged out of hours and on weekends, and best of all is that our flexible staff are able to oversee them all; so as a landlord you’re in complete control of your time with the ability to dedicate it to other aspects of your life. You’re also able to choose from a selection of options with regards to your property management, as opposed to taking everything on in one large package should you wish to not do so. This will keep your costs down on products you would rather oversee yourself, or have the option to guarantee a great value for service on the full property management.




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