Preparing a Rental Property for Summer – What do you need to do this summer to your investment property?

Preparing a Rental Property for Summer

As we emerge from winter and blue skies linger over us, it’s time to think about what we should all be doing to our rental properties at this time of year.

You could do this as part of your inspection process if you have a tenant in situ or if your property is vacant you can blitz this work as part of your preparation for re-letting.

Preparing your rental property for summer
Preparing a rental property for summer – all you need to know!

Spring Cleaning

Take this time to undertake some spring cleaning to your properties, deep clean carpets and rugs. Check any washing machines or tumble dryers that are supplied are in good working order.

Garden Maintenance

Now is the time to ensure that your gardens are in order. If you have a tenant in place you should provide the garden to them in good order and then it is the tenants responsibility to maintain it as it forms part of the property.

Get your garden summer ready
Get your garden summer ready

Windows & Doors

Check that all your window and doors open and close properly. Apply lubricating oil to hinges and replace draught excluders that are worn out. Inspect window putty on the outside of glass panes and replace if necessary. For double glazed windows, check for misting between panes and in sealed units and that safety catches and locks are in good working order.

Roofs & Chimneys

Examine all roof flashings, such as at chimney and roof joints, for any signs of cracking or leakage. If there is a working fireplace, arrange for the chimney and fireplace to be cleaned.

Exterior of Property

Complete any exterior painting before Autumn looms, but avoid painting in the hot sun as the paint may blister.

Exterior Painting!
Exterior Painting!


In summary, in order to be preparing a rental property for summer you shall be getting outside and working of the exterior of your property. If you are doing some of the work yourself always take care when going up a ladder and have a second person with you to hold the bottom!

If you are doing this work as part of your inspection, make sure your tenant is aware of your visit and the plans you have. They should be delighted that you are maintaining the property to such an extent and should allow you access.

At Abode, we inspect properties initially quarterly and then as tenancies become longer term, we tend to inspect every six to nine months, depending on the tenant, property and landlords request. All our inspections are included within our fully managed service and you receive a photographic report.

If you have any queries on this or would like to know more about our fully managed service or how we prepare a property for summer then please get in touch!

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