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Government announce Section 21 notices to be banned

The Government claims the move will be enforced to prevent landlords from evicting tenants unlawfully. Section 21s have long been a safety net for landlords in the event of tenancies turning awry. The Government however are taking a firm stance on the matter from a tenant’s perspective, regardless of the

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Government to cap tenant deposits?

Caps on security deposits are to be reduced from the equivalent of six weeks of rent to five in new legislation going through Parliament. The Government have confirmed that rentals of less than £50,000 annually will see deposits cut to a maximum of five week deposits as opposed to six. 

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The Golden Rules of Buying at Auction

  Auctions are one of the most varied, interesting and yet risky methods of buying property. They are a great way to avoid the lengthy and uncertain buying process, and there is always the potential to walk away with a great bargain deal.  Flip the coin however and there is

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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards: what landlords need to know

The time is almost upon us; as of April 1st, all residential and commercial rental properties must conform to the new Energy Efficiency Standards. The regulations impact both residential and commercial landlords, so we’ve put together a guide to help you make sure you’re compliant. Here’s what you need to know.

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