We’re a different kind of letting agent here in Manchester, with an ability to guarantee that we will look after you; the tenant.

Our promise to you guarantees that we will look after you during your tenancy, with prompt return phone calls to ensure you’re kept in the loop. We only use trusted contractors to look after any and all maintenance that needs to be done at the property, so you can rest assured that you’ll be safe and happy throughout your tenancy.

Renting with Abode couldn’t be easier with our following process:

• Viewing a Property

After a prospective tenant has viewed a property with Abode, they will be asked if they want to proceed with an application.

Once proceeding with the application, prospective tenants are asked to surrender a holding deposit of one weeks rent. Any successful application and tenant will then only need to pay three weeks worth of rent in the first month.  Once an application has been submitted, the property will not be viewed by any other party at this time.

• Age Restriction

Any interested tenant considering putting forward an application must be at least 21-years-old, unless stated otherwise by the landlord of the respective property.

• Identification

You must present two forms of identification on presenting your application forms; this will include a copy of a passport or driving license and a copy of a utility bill or bank statement with your current address. Without these documents, the application process cannot proceed.

• References

Once an application has been surrendered for referencing, there will be certain checks that will be carried out against each applicant.

If an applicant has a bad credit history, it is advised to discuss this with the agent before putting an application forward. Failure to disclose this information from the onset may cause a tenant not to pass their credit check and fail the application for the property they want to rent.

• Tenancy Withdrawal

Should an applicant decide not to proceed with the tenancy, the following rules apply:

  • At Reference Stage: The applicant must surrender the administration fee.
  • Post deposit payment/Prior to move-in: A pro–rata calculation will be made and a portion of the deposit will be surrendered to cover the Landlord’s void period. Unfortunately this is non-negotiable; as a leading letting agent in Manchester we have to consider all parties in these circumstances.

• Rent

The rent has to be paid in cleared funds before a tenancy is signed. If a tenant wants to pay by cheque this has to be received by the agent five working days before a tenancy is due to commence, this will give the cheque time to clear. The agent can also accept a bankers draft on the same day the tenancy is due to start.

• Insurance

It is the responsibility of the landlord to have buildings insurance for the property, but the tenant will be asked to have their own contents insurance in case of accidental damage before the tenancy is due to start. Abode will have more information regarding contents insurance and will be happy to help.

• Application Forms

The tenant will be given help and advice where needed when filling out an application form. A committed member of Abode will advise a prospective tenant if their annual income is sufficient to support the application, or if a guarantor will be able to cover for them.

Where a single earning is not enough, another working member of family who will be living at the same property can be put forward as a joint application. Ideally, a tenant will need to have had a continual employment with the same employer for at least six months.

If a tenant has been self employed, they will need to show three years self assessments or an accountants letter. If a tenant is not working and is in receipt of benefits, then a guarantor will be required for the application to proceed. This person must be in full time employment and a home owner. On signing of the Tenancy Agreement, the guarantor will need to be present along with the tenant to sign the necessary paperwork.

• Housing Benefit

Not all landlords will accept tenants who are claiming housing; this will be discussed before an application is put forward for a property. If the landlord is willing to accept an element of housing benefit, the prospective tenant will still need one month advance rent and a deposit before moving into a property.

• Administration Fee

A single application’s administration fee will cost prospective applicants £175 with a guarantor. A joint application’s administration fee will prospective applicants £225.

Upon receiving the administration fee, the applicant will be given an application form in which they will need to fill out and return to Abode. It is important that all prospective tenants are aware that the administration fee is non-refundable.

• Time Process

An application can take up to five working days to be referenced; the tenant will be advised where necessary not to give notice to any current landlord until their application has been successful.

• Deposit

Both the tenant and landlord will be informed of a successful application. The tenant will be requested to pay their deposit within seven working days of this notification.

If a deposit is not received within the specified time, the property would be advertised and re-opened for viewings. Once a tenancy agreement has commenced, Abode or the landlord will lodge a deposit with The Deposit Protection Service until the end of the tenancy agreement.

A deposit will be refunded at the end of the tenancy agreement once the property has been checked by Abode; any damage caused by the tenant will be rectified and this amount will be requested from the tenant’s deposit. If a deposit has been paid and the tenant decides that they do not want to proceed, Abode must be informed as soon as possible. We will allow for a period of up to two weeks from accepting the deposit before the deposit will become non-refundable, as we may have let the property to another tenant over this time period.

• Utility Bills

Once a tenancy has been signed, it is the responsibility of the tenant to notify the appropriate utilities (i.e. gas, electric, water and council tax). These bills will be separate from the rent.

Meter readings will be taken at the start of the tenancy agreement and documented on the inventory. Abode will also supply meter readings to the utilities to close any previous accounts, but it is the tenant’s responsibility to set up their own accounts.

During your tenancy we will devote our very best to you; it’s why we are the best letting agent in Manchester.

In return we ask for prompt payment of your rent and for you to keep us informed of maintenance issues that may arise at your property so we can ensure your property is well maintained. We also ask for you to keep an open line of communication with us should your situation change in any way that may affect your tenancy. Perhaps your partner moves in, or your job changes and you wish to amend your payment date. We look forward to welcoming you as a tenant of Abode and working together for a successful and happy tenancy.

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