5 ways to prepare your property for viewings or selling

STAGING is the term used for ‘dressing’ your property prior to a viewing or selling it on. It’s a crucial way of displaying it in its best light, emitting the impression of a well looked after home rather than another soulless and bland property on the market. Not only will it aid filling or selling the property quicker, but it has the potential to add to its value.

1. Form the first impressions

First impressions count; fact. Many buyers can be put off a property without even viewing the interior due to the external appearances. Your property doesn’t have to look like a cutting edge modern architect build or an adorably nestled cottage to draw people in. When taking images of the property exterior, ensure it is framed from a compelling angle. Make it look as inviting or intriguing as possible, drawing the buyer in.  Any outside clutter such as weeds or rubbish should be removed or taken out of the frame entirely, and look at enhancing the image’s brightness and contrast within free image editing software for the best results.

2. Personalised and presentable

Conveying the property as a warm and comfortable place to live in is the next step to securing a buyer. Before any viewings take place, make an effort to declutter the property. Ensure any excess items or belongings are stored away without compromising any storage locations you may wish to display, whilst taking care to ensure that the personality of the property isn’t taken away either. People need to be able to envision living in the property, which can be difficult if it’s been stripped back to look like a corporate branded hotel.

3. Manage the maintenance

The last encounter any potential buyer or tenant wants to have is with a maintenance nightmare before even considering investing. Ensure any and all minor repairs are kept on top of, including cracks in the walls or ceiling, faulty handles on doors or appliances, and any threadbare carpets. Eliminate any limescale and ensure the surfaces are sparkling, whilst plumping up the pillows and dusting down the display units.

4.  Separate the smells

Nothing is more off putting to a potential buyer or tenant than lingering odours; be it sewage from a blocked drain, a concussion of old cooking smells in the kitchen or persisting smells from cigarettes. Composing a fresh smell throughout the property conveys a well-maintained atmosphere that will feel welcoming and amicable. Open the windows for a few hours to allow a breath of fresh air throughout the property, whilst topping up fresh, neutral smelling air fresheners.

5. Assemble the atmosphere

Prior to any viewing, set the atmosphere for the property. If the viewing is taking place at night, ensure the property is well lit throughout so potential buyers/tenants can clearly see the potential to live there. Organise furniture to maximise the size of each room, showcasing the space in its most desirable manner. Try to form symmetry with the furnishings, bringing them away from the wall if possible to create an appealing conversational space.

Finally, keep in mind to ensure the property is staged for a wide variety of buyers or tenants. They can originate from any variation of walks in life and their tastes may differ from the last viewing.

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