UK’s Top 10 Yield Hotspots: North West the best place for rentals


It’s good news if you’re a landlord or investor with or looking to add to a property portfolio in the North.

The North/South divide is the ever recurring debate, with many claiming that the UK Government simply fail to acknowledge an entire world exists outside the top end of the M25. With our public transport currently in tatters and the promised ‘Northern Powerhouse’ now seemingly forgotten in favour of heavily priced Southern counterparts, it’s about time as Northerners we got our own back.

Thankfully it seems that the North is doing just that when it comes to property rentals.

Over the last week, comparison website GoCompare have released a new interactive tool that allows you to measure different statistics and data points on UK property. Ranging from the number of properties available, through to the number of new housing developments and including the average yield. The results of the average yield are certainly interesting, and greatly favour the North:

Claiming the number one spot, Manchester is listed as the best city in the UK for average yields, with Liverpool and Sheffield also representing the North West with top 10 spots.

Under several of the other categories available, Manchester also ranks as one of the top 10 cities with the largest number of new housing developments (Derby takes that top spot), and also clocks in at the number one spot for rental growth:

1. Manchester – 5.76%
2. Leicester – 5.30%
3. Cardiff – 5.00%
4. Brighton – 4.61%
5. Swansea – 4.47%
6. Birmingham – 4.29%
7. Newcastle – 4.18%
8. Nottingham – 3.39%
9. Peterborough – 2.98%
10. Kingston Upon Hull – 2.80%

So if you’re a landlord or overseas investor looking to make your mark or get your foot into the door of the UK property market, look no further than right here in the North West.

With managed properties across the North West including Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield, we can help when it comes to finding the best Buy-To-Let deal in the areas and ensuring as a landlord or investor, that you’re achieving the best return on your investment.

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