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The Golden Rules of Buying at Auction

  Auctions are one of the most varied, interesting and yet risky methods of buying property. They are a great way to avoid the lengthy and uncertain buying process, and there is always the potential to walk away with a great bargain deal.  Flip the coin however and there is

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What does the GDPR mean for landlords?

The General Data Protection Regulations comes into force in May 2018. They impose a new EU wide system of regulating data protection and the UK Government has made it clear that, despite Brexit, the UK will be adopting these Regulations so that they will remain in force even after we

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Why isn’t my property letting?

You’ve invested a great deal of time, effort and costs into your property, ensuring it’s ready for a tenant occupancy; yet it remains empty with costs beginning to escalate. Now you’re beginning to ask yourself, why isn’t my property letting?

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How to prevent freezing pipes

Cold temperatures can cause pipes to freeze. With the bitter weather brought from the east over the recent days, the conditions are already making their mark on pipes up and down the country. So what can be done to stop them from freezing?

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Property Investment – The Golden Rules

Stepping into the world of property investment for a first time buyer can be intimidating; it’s an expansive venture that is almost impossible to conquer by simply jumping in as if it’s an inviting hot tub. You need a hardened battle plan before taking any serious considerations prior to investment.

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