Property Investment Tips! Kevin Green shares his secret strategies with Abode!

Check out our latest property investment tips in this audio recording from none other than Kevin Green.

Kevin joined us at September’s Manchester Property Meet and we were delighted to hear such a wealth of property investment tips from him.

Do you have capital adequacy? Why would you need capital adequacy?

Have you got a strategy for your property investment? I know we all want to build a portfolio but is there a certain way to go about it. In this short recording here, Kevin Green talks about a simple strategy he applied when building his portfolio.

He is the biggest residential landlord in the UK so his strategy must have worked!!

Tip 1:

You can listen here:

Tip 2: Have other businesses alongside your property business. Listen here to how Kevin, a multi multi millionaire sets up his businesses and how he uses them to clear loans on his property business.

You can listen here:

Tip 3: Kevin does not want to hold a property with a buy to let mortgage on it for longer than ten years!? Interesting fact!

You can also download Kevin’s FREE APP  that will help you work out if a deal is really a deal

You can listen here:

Tip 4: Should you buy a family house to rent to a family on a standard AST? Or should you buy an HMO and be rewarded with those fantastic returns people often talk of.

Tip 5: Kevin Green shares with us how the Queen Mother saved fortunes on inheritance by gifting away her assets to her grandchildren.

We advise anyone we meet to seek professional advice about tax planning for the future, why work hard today to give it all away in the future.

Be sure to plan your affairs in the most tax efficient way possible.

Tip 6: In Kevin’s opinion entrepreneurs must be extremely grounded. You must be very clear on what you want to achieve.

Make your goals and then break them down into an action plan into each day, week and month. This will focus you on achieving that goal, you will always be doing something and working toward s your goal

If you make sure you deliver to yourself and your plan you will achieve success. Nothing happens without a lot of hard work and success doesn’t come over night, Kevin puts in massive effort into learning and into achieving his goals.

Tip 7: Listen now to some key tips from Kevin on how he achieves such success, hear quotes from none other than Rich Dad, Robert T. Kiyosaki and Richard Branson that Kevin has learned first hand.

Kevin has a strong view on the importance of self belief, if you don’t believe you can do it, give up!

Tip 8: Kevin Green tells us to choose our networking wisely and gives support to The Manchester Property Meet.





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