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Is deposit free renting a good idea?

For many tenants, saving up the deposit for their rental property is one of the most challenging aspects when it comes to renting. As the middle man between tenants and landlords, Abode know that deposits are a difficult subject particularly at the beginning of a tenancy agreement and sometimes, especially

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Your rights as a landlord for inspecting your property

As a landlord, it is very important to ensure periodic inspections are conducted throughout each tenancy, to establish that the condition of your property is in a reasonable state and your tenants are complying with the tenancy agreement. Equally however, landlords must respect the rights to access properties once tenants

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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards: what landlords need to know

The time is almost upon us; as of April 1st, all residential and commercial rental properties must conform to the new Energy Efficiency Standards. The regulations impact both residential and commercial landlords, so we’ve put together a guide to help you make sure you’re compliant. Here’s what you need to know.

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